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Item 1: Living a Soul-Centered Life Course – an 8-Week Audio Meditation Series with Sarah McLean, Retail $149.00

Prepare to be transformed. Join meditation teacher and author Sarah McLean for an 8-week spiritual journey that will help you to cultivate an effective daily meditation practice and Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with meditation.

Join Sarah McLean as she guides you through brand new meditations and gentle instruction that enable you to become the most purely aware, connected, peaceful, accepting, loving, authentic, receptive, and nourishing version of you.

This program is based on her book Soul-Centered and guides you through all the aspects of a meditative practice (and life). Each audio takes you on a journey to the qualities that contribute to easily effortlessly and yet profoundly creating a meditation practice that in turn creates a easy elegant life of Soul Centeredness.

Inspired by Sarah’s own 20 year personal journey, this series will help you to explore a variety of meditation techniques and establish a practice that is just right for you. Each week’s lesson will reflect a benefit derived from meditation: Awareness, Peace, Freedom, Compassion, Intimacy, Authenticity, Receptivity, and Nourishment.

Through this 8 week program you can expect to become more:

  • Engaged in the moment at hand, and alert to the choices you can make in each moment
  • Spontaneous and open to possibilities as you learn to live with fewer assumptions and labels about yourself and others
  • Aware of you emotional responses and your mental activity and habits
  • Sensitive to your body and its signals of stress and relaxation
  • Kind to yourself as you discover who you are and what you want, and you learn to say what you mean
  • Intuitive, listening to your own wisdom and making more nourishing choices
  • Compassionate to others and present with loving attention
  • Soul centered as you shift your center point from the external world to your own loving, beautiful, wise essence

This series is your path to seeing this world and everyone you encounter through open eyes full of love, patience, and understanding.

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Item 2: Sedona Soul Sessions: Interviews with Sedona Luminaries on how to live a Soul-Centered Life

Great offer with Sarah McLean

Retail $67.00

Connect with people just like you from around the world who have made an active effort to live a Soul Centered life. Reconnect with the power you were given at conception and see that even the experts have had to grow and develop through this unique and brand new series of conversational interviews. Meet Cecilia Sifontes, Dennis Andres, Gina Lake, Kelley Alexander, Lori Rubenstein, and Sherab Khandro and discover how each of them serves as a uniquely open door into a brand new reality.

Through this incredibly honest series of conversations, you gain new insight, learn from lifetimes of experience, and see brand new spiritual practices that allow you to connect with all that is. Find real, practical advice on how to apply these principles to your everyday life. Your spiritual path is sure to be fraught with questions – it’s supposed to be that way. The key, is knowing where to turn when it comes time to find the answers.

Featured Healers:

Kelley Alexander, Sourcing from Your Future Self. Kelley seriously pursued her spiritual life after a 12-year law career.  She is a modern-day shaman  and the co-founder of the Sanctuary of Sedona, a residential facility offering transformational holistic healing programs.

Sherab Khandro, Choosing Compassion. Sherab was an ordained Tibetan Buddhist nun for 14 years and a few years ago, put down her robes and entered life in the mainstream as an contemplative artist and teacher.

Dennis Andres, Inner & Outer Success. Dennis Andres, known as Mr. Sedona, a local and international travel guide who not only guides people into sacred areas of the world but also to their inner selves.

Gina Lake, Connecting to Your Essence. Gina is a spiritual teacher and the author who helps people transcend their conditioned mind and mistaken beliefs in order to live a life connected to their truest self. She hosts retreats in Sedona.

Lori Rubenstein, Finding Forgiveness. Lori Rubenstein has been an attorney and has been a champion for women as they go through transition, including divorce. She now helps people as a teacher of forgiveness and healing. www.LoriRubenstein.com

Cecelia Sifontes, Flexibility in Spiritual Practice. Cecelia is a progressive lightworker, channel, and international retreat leader from Sweden, who aids those in the exploration of their true essence of love, light, and consciousness

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Item 3: Meditate: Guided Meditations with Sarah McLean, Retail Value of $20.00

CD Meditate by Sarah McLean in Sedona, Arizona

This is an inspiring MP3 collection created by Sarah McLean from the spiritual mecca of Sedona, Arizona.  Included in the collection:

  • Why Meditate?
  • Keys to a Successful Meditation
  • Introduction to a Simple Mantra Meditation
  • Guided Meditation using a Mantra
  • Transformational Healing Meditation
  • Guided Gratitude Meditation
  • Crystal Bowl Healing Sounds

Now those seeking to relieve stress, find inner peace, create health and soothe their soul don’t have to travel far to access Sarah’s teaching expertise and inspiration. They can learn to meditate without having to leave the comfort of their living room. Sarah demystifies meditation and brings it mainstream. With her soothing voice, she guides listeners through meditations set to sacred healing sounds. Some say this is “the most essential tool a meditator can have.”

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Item 4: Meditation Mentoring with Sarah McLean, Retail Value of $200.00

Join three live coaching calls with Sarah McLean. Each call is a one hour semi-private session to address your personal concerns when it comes to meditation, mindfulness, obstacles to clarity, present moment awareness, and self-love issues. Meditation mentor and Hay House meditation expert, Sarah McLean will personally mentor you through your challenges. Each call will feature a live guided meditation with. Sessions will be recorded and accessible for a limited time.


Tuesday, March 22, 4:00 PM PST; 7:00 PM EST.

Saturday, April 2, 10 AM PST; 1:00 PM EST.

Thursday April 7, 9:00 AM PST, 12:00 PM EST

Access the conference calls by dialing 218-339-9858
Passcode: 2040067 #
Long distance charges may apply. You may use Skype if you are out of the U.S.

Special Offer

Now is your chance to get your “Live a Soul-Centered Life” Special offer!

Was over $425, now just $97!

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